Fence Maintenance and Repair

wooden fence mainteance


Fences require regular maintenance and repair, just like almost everything exposed to the elements, but some fences require more than others.

Wood fences of any type will need painting or staining from time to time.

Wooden posts, even if pressure treated, needed to be checked for rot, and might shift over time and require straightening. If you see a post out of line, call us right away and we can fix it before any damage occurs.

Wrought Iron fences need to be painted periodically to prevent rust, and if any rust occurs, it should be removed before the fence is painted.

PVC or vinyl fences do not require as much maintenance, but should be cleaned occasionally. The posts are subject to shifting like wood fences, so if that happens call us so it can be fixed without delay.

Chain link fences generally don't require much maintenance, but again, posts can shift and need to be remedied as soon as possible.

damaged fence needing maintenance and repair


Fences can require repairs do to neglect, time, and external forces that cause damage.

A damaged fence can usually be repaired, but it should be done as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

We have the capability to repair virtually every type of damage that can occur to a fence, so count on us to perform any type of repair quickly and at a reasonable cost.

We provide free estimates and will work with you and your insurance company.  Plus we provide a written guarantee on all our repairs.