Fence Installation

We always sit down with our customers and walk them through the entire fence installation process before we present a contract for signing. Our initial consultation is usually done in the comfort of your home or business, so any questions or concerns you have can be addressed at the proposed installation site. Our representative will walk the property, take measurements, and estimate materials needed. The details of the process are listed below. fence installation consultation

Initial Consultation

The first step, well before installation, is to select the type of fence you need. We will sit down and show you all the options you have to choose from. You will select the style, color, gate options and quantity of fence you will need for your installation.  

Price Quotation

Once the fence options have been selected, we will provide a written quote for the entire installation you have chosen. The quote is inclusive of everything you will need. fence installation survey

Survey and Permits

Once the quotation has been approved by you, we will initiate a site survey to determine where the fence can be placed. Utility lines will be located and identified, to ensure that no damage or outages are caused by us digging to install the fence posts. If required, we will apply for the necessary permits from your local authorities. Costs if any would be included in the quotation. Optionally, you can apply for the permits yourself, with documentation provided by us. fence installation proceeding


All the materials needed for the installation are ordered. Once they arrive, and the permits (if needed) are approved, we will contact you for an installation date. If the materials are already in stock, there is no order delay, which is usually only a few days.  


Your fence will be installed. The time needed depends on the amount and type of fence, but should normally take a day to a few days. Once the installation is finished, we will clean up and remove all debris. We can also arrange for any landscaping you need to be done. If permits were needed, we will notify the authorities to have the needed inspections done and signed off. You can inspect the installation and note any discrepancies from the signed agreement, which we will promptly remedy. Once you fence is installed, we will discuss the maintenance procedures needed to keep your fence in tip-top shape.